Laundry An Unsightly Heap?

Friday, 29 April 2016  |  Sally

Is your laundry a unsightly heap in the corner of the bedroom?

Why not add a Laundry Hamper to your ShelfTrack closet and hide it all away?

The ClosetMaid laundry hamper comes with a frame which allows you to connect it to a ShelfTrack Drawer Kit, to attach it to the wall standards in your ShelfTrack storage system.

Great for hiding away laundry/ casual clothes in your closet and regaining space in your bedroom instead.

The fabric hamper is finished in a mocha colour and has a handle so that you can slide is out when required. The frame is white to match the ShelfTrack drawer kit.

Just £32.49 (ShelfTrack drawer kit required at £19.99)

Want more information on the ShelfTrack Laundry Hamper? Click here to view dimensions etc. 

You can also learn more about the ShelfTrack Drawer Kit by clicking here! 

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