74034 - 1.22m / 4' length of CloseMesh 50.8cm / 20" deep shelving

74034 - 1.22m / 4' length of CloseMesh 50.8cm / 20'' deep shelving
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Brand:  ClosetMaid




Get this 4' (1.22m) length of shelving and use it for regular shelving in your kitchen/ pantry/ utility area etc. The CloseMesh shelving means that the wires are close together allowing for air to flow still but preventing small items falling through the gaps!

CloseMesh works with both the regular fix method and ShelfTrack fixing method, so make sure you get the correct hardware to go with the shelving!

We suggest that when installing 20" deep shelving you ensure your enclosure is a minimum of 22" deep to allow for the hardware fixings.

This length may not match your measurement, but don't worry as our shelving can be adjusted by trimming the length down with a pair of boltcutters or a hacksaw!

This style of shelving does not come with a hang bar, and the price does not include the hardware!

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