Laundry/ Utility Package 4

Laundry/ Utility Package 4
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Brand:  ClosetMaid

This package gives your everything you need for an organised laundry room, utility space or airing cupboard!

Using our adjustable ShelfTrack fixing system with our wire shelving, this package includes space for folded items and hanging garments as well as a simple drawer system to store accessories, cleaning items and more.

The design includes two full width shelves, with two additional smaller shelves to the right hand side and a freestanding drawer system.
The drawer system included in each design, irrespective of the size you select, stands at 48cm / 17" wide, 76cm / 30" high, 58cm / 23" deep. The drawer system comprises of two double depth (18cm / 7" deep) drawers, one triple depth (28cm / 11" deep) drawer, a plastic moulded top and drawer stops.

The design comes with 12" / 30.5cm deep SuperSlide shelving as standard, but you can upgrade to 16" / 40.6cm deep shelving, simply by selecting the option above.

ClosetMaid's ShelfTrack system, is a fully adjustable fixing method. All you do is screw the hang track into the back wall at the top, hang the vertical wall standards from the hang track and screw them to the wall in at least one point along the length. The wall standards have slots for the shelf brackets to fit into at regular intervals, so if your needs change you can adjust the height / position of the shelves or add more shelves as the household accumulates more stuff! Perfect!

This system is also fantastic for people who only have a back wall to fix to. You dont need to fix to the side walls at all so you can create storage space anywhere that you have a free bit of wall space.

Please note, the images shown are for illustrative purposes only and may change slightly depending on the wall configuration you select. If you would like to see specific images for the package size & configuration you require, please let us know and we’ll be happy to email them across to you.

1.22m/ 4' wide enclosure - A 4' wide package will offer two shelves of 1.22m/ 4' wide. To the right are two 61cm/ 2' wide shelves with a drawer system below. To the left is a 61cm/ 2' wide section of hanging space for drying and storage.

1.83m/ 6' wide enclosure - A 6' wide package will offer two shelves of 1.83m/ 6' wide. To the right are two 91cm/ 3' wide shelves with a drawer system below. To the left is a 91cm/ 3' wide section of hanging space for drying and storage.

2.44m/ 8' wide enclosure - A 8' wide package will offer two shelves of 2.44m/ 8' wide. To the right are two 122cm/ 4' wide shelves with a drawer system below. To the left is a 122cm/ 4' wide section of hanging space for drying and storage.

3.05m/ 10' wide enclosure - A 10' wide package will offer two shelves of 3.05m/ 10' wide. To the right are two 152cm/ 5' wide shelves with a drawer system below. To the left is a 152cm/ 5' wide section of hanging space for drying and storage.

Our adjustable ShelfTrack systems only attach to the back wall so side wall availability does not need to be considered.
When ordering this layout we recommend you have a minimum ceiling height of 216cm / 85" and a minimum cupboard depth of 61cm / 24". If you don't quite have a the same width as your selected package, then don't worry as you can trim the shelving down using a pair of boltcutters or a hacksaw!

Our systems CAN be fixed to stud walls and solid walls with no problems, as long as they are built to standard building regulations.

  • Package comes complete with all hardware and installation instructions
  • ShelTrack system installs onto back wall only, shelves and accessories than attach to the track and can be moved around to suit your needs as your requirements change
  • Shelving supplied is 12" (30.5cm) deep, with option to upgrade to 16" (40.6cm), (select from options above)
  • Provides a mix of long hanging space, shelving and a freestanding drawer system
  • Shelving can be trimmed to suit exact dimensions with hacksaw or boltcutters
  • Select the size nearest to your available space and trim down as necessary

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