GS V4 - 03/01/17

GS V4 - 03/01/17
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Bespoke Walk in Closet
Monday, 23 January 2017  | 

A new extention at home included a large bedroom and a large walk in closet. We simply needed a large hanging space and shelving for folded items and accessories. We had seen Closetmaid items in use whilst on holiday in Florida so had a good idea that this would suit our needs. I asked for a few options via the free bespoke design service and we settled for version 4. Goods arrived within a week in two boxes, containing everything needed for the chosen design ( with a few spares.) Very good instuction pack included which showed everything right down to instructions on which wall to do first. Once you open up the pack, its a fairly easy and straightforward design, which took myself and son in law (mediorce DIYers) just a few hours to install the whole thing. Probably simple enough for one person to install if shelves are reletively small, but two people required for longer lengths and because its so much easier and quicker when two people are involved. Our longest shelf with rail is 3.4 metres long and is now full of hanging clothes without any problems with the weight. The supports are easily sturdy enough for all our clothes. You wouldn't want to swing off them, but the same would be the case if these were wooden shelves. My wife is very happy with the whole installation, and we're now considering something similar for our downstairs utility room. All in all a very good service from the company and a quality product.
The only thing that came as a slight surprise was the fact that you appear to be able to buy the shelving in standard lengths ( imperial measurements as the product is made in the USA.) As such you would expect to have to cut the shelf to size. I had assumed that by selecting a bespoke custon design, and supplying exact measurements, the shelves would arrive cut to size, but they're not. It appears opting for a bespoke design simply gives you access to a few different custom lengths, as you are supplied with whatever custom length the is available, that will be slightly longer than your bespoke design requires. Actually this is not a big problem and it allows for any anomolies in the wall space measurements, I simply wasn't expecting to have to do any cutting. Then the dilemma was, what to use to do the cutting. I tried Tin snips which were sort of OK for the internal wires but no good for the larger wires on the outside. These had to be cut with a hacksaw. The company suggest boltcroppers but as I didn't have these, that wasn't an option for me. In fact because I had so many cuts to make the hacksaw became very tiresome, so I bit the bullet and drove to the local B&Q and brought myself a Black and decker scorpion saw for 40 (I thought I'd get further use from it later, so it wouldn't be wasted.) It was a godsend. I inserted the metal cutting blade and it cut every wire quickly, easily and precisely. You could probably do this with an angle grinder or such like, but if my experience is of any value to anyone considering such an instalation, the scorpion saw saved me ages and was totally fit for purpose. Well done Closet maid and Organise My Home. I'm sure we will be doing business again.