SM - 27/10/16

SM - 27/10/16
From:  £372.23(Inc. 20% VAT)

Brand:  ClosetMaid



Hello Mrs. Midgley,

Thanks for your interest in our ClosetMaid products.
I am pleased to enclose a set of design drawings for your walk in closet. This design can be changed as much as necessary until you are 100% satisfied with the outcome. Therefore if you’d like to make any changes to the layout please do not hesitate to contact me.

If you take a look at the attached PDF file I will run through the layout with you.

This design uses 30.5cm (12”) deep SuperSlide shelving with our fixed mount system.

Page One shows a view of the closet as you walk through the door (64cm + 134cm + 103cm wide walls, 241cm high).

• Across the 134cm wide wall there is a full width shelf with hang bar for storing long garments.
• I have left the 64cm wall clear as there are garments hanging on the opposite wall (next to the door) so it would be too narrow to use this wall.
• I have also left the 103cm wide wall clear as any shelving would over hang the window.

Page Two shows a view of the left hand side walls (80cm + 95cm + 106cm wide, 241cm high).

• Along the 106cm wide wall there is a full width two tier hanging section for short garments.
• I have left the 80cm wide wall clear as approximately 56cm of this wall will be taken up by the hanging garments on the front wall.
• I have also left the 95cm wide wall clear to allow easier access to the far corner of the front wall.

Page Three shows a view of the right hand side wall (23cm + 102cm + 156cm wide, 241cm high).

• On the 156cm section of this wall I have included a 122cm (48”) wide stack of four shelves for storing flat and folded items.
• Below this there are three 122cm (48”) wide shoe shelves which will each hold around 6 pairs of shoes.
• I have stopped these shelves short of the window to leave you enough space to walk past the long hanging garments & access the two tier hanging section on the 106cm wall.

Page Four shows a view of the front wall (146cm + 80cm + 75cm wide, 241cm high).

• Next to the door there is a 146cm wide two tier hanging section for short garments.

Pages Five – Nine show the dimensions that I have worked to for your enclosure (please check that these are correct! Organise My Home cannot be held responsible of any mis-measures or incorrect information given during this design process) and the width and heights of the all the shelving used.

Please bear in mind that once garments are on hangers they generally stick out a further 25cm (10”) from the front of the shelves (56cm/22” overall).

It is important to point out that our ClosetMaid shelving must be fixed to walls that are flat across their face, perpendicular to the floor and in good condition.

The total cost to supply & deliver this layout (to any UK mainland address exc. Scottish Highlands) inc. VAT: £372.23
Delivery will be made within 10 – 12 working days from receipt of order.

Please note that as this design is carried out using customer supplied data all lengths of shelving will be supplied slightly oversized to accommodate variances in wall dimensions and mis-measures and may require trimming to final size on site by the customer. This can easily be done using a set of boltcutters or a hacksaw, you can then cover the cut ends with the plastic end caps provided.

I hope that the above information and attached design drawings illustrate what you are looking for but if you’d like to make any changes to the layout just let me know.
Look forward to hearing from you soon.
All the best,
Melissa – Design Team

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