Adjustable ShelfTrack Organiser kit 2889, up to 4' (1.22m) wide

Adjustable ShelfTrack Organiser kit 2889, up to 4' (1.22m) wide
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Brand:  ClosetMaid



This is one of the best kits ClosetMaid do!

Its so simple yet you can get so much out of it! This kit is designed only for short hanging garments but uses our ShelfTrack with SuperSlide system. ShelfTrack is a great system as it means the entire kit is adjustable. Trim the width down to fit your exact space, or you can adjust the height of the shelves to fit longer garments in, or if you're looking for long hanging space, why not cut one of the shelves shorter than the other to give a longer drop!?

This kit will create up to 8' (2.44m) of hanging space and 8' (2.44m) of shelf storage space.

Just use a pair of boltcutters (available at £12.99) or a hacksaw to trim the shelves.

Our SuperSlide system is great, as it has a separate hang bar with uniquely shaped brackets that allow you to slide your hangers along the rail with no interuptions, which makes finding an outfit so much easier!

We recommend that when using this layout, you ensure you have a minimum ceiling height of 90" (229cm) and a minimum wardrobe depth of 22" (56cm). This will give an adequate amount of hanging space for your garments.

Our ShelfTrack systems are also perfect for people who dont have side walls to attach to, all the system needs is a back wall to screw the hang track and wall standards to, and everything else will just slot together!

Talk about Closets Maid Easy! 


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