980 - SuperSlide wall bracket for 12" (30.5cm) deep shelving

980 - SuperSlide wall bracket for 12'' (30.5cm) deep shelving
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Brand:  ClosetMaid



This wall bracket is to be used wherever you have 12" deep SuperSlide shelving and are bringing the hang bar into the wall.

This wall bracket will fix into a side wall and support both the shelf and the hang bar.

If you are not bringing the hang bar to meet the wall then you will need to use 974 - wall bracket instead and support the hang bar using 5647 hang bar support.

This bracket will NOT work if using 16" deep SuperSlide shelving and will not work with any other shelving styles.

If using 16" deep SuperSlide shelving you will need to use a 974 - wall bracket to support the shelving and a 6810 - SuperSlide hang bar wall bracket to support the hang bar.

The SuperSlide wall bracket is made from white plastic and comes with all hardware.

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