Selectives FAQ's

Thanks for your interest in our Selectives Range. A modular laminate closet organising system.

  • Easy to SELECT
  • Easy to CUSTOMISE

Whatever your budget, Selectives can help create your dream Closet.

Here we answer your questions about the range, as well as provide helpful tips to assist you when planning your ultimate closet.

Getting Started

  • Measure the height, width and depth of the space you plan to use. Make sure that the rear wall and side walls (if applicable), are flat and perpendicular. Also, note any obstructions e.g. pipes, cables, switches, sockets etc. and door positions (when open), for which you will need to allow.
  • After reviewing the basics of how the system works, plot or sketch what you'd like to achieve. If using our Closet Organiser you will need a clear height of 82.5" / 209.6cm to accommodate this item.
  • If your design includes drawers, decide how many you want and of which depth- shallow or deep. Decide also whether you want solid drawers or wire baskets offering ventilated storage.
  • Decide which other components you need e.g. decorative panel door set to create cupboard space, one or more top shelves to create additional storage space where your ceiling height permits or stackable corner organisers to maximise the use of corner space.
  • Choose your colour - Cherry, Maple or White.
  • Detailed individual product information and dimensions can be found on each product page.
  • Prepare a list of whate you'll need to create your closet. Download and complete the order form below or you can complete your order online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before proceeding with an order, please take the time to read through this section to help answer any questions you may have about the product. If you need any further help please call us on 01622 872006 or email 

  • What is Selectives made from?
    The Selectives range is manufactured primarily from 15mm particle board with a laminate finish. Door and solid drawer fronts are made from 15mm MDF with metal handles and knobs. Wire baskets, closet rods, and shoe shelves are made from steel with an epoxy paint finish.
  • Is Selectives a 'Flat Pack' Range?
    Yes, all items in the Selectives range are supplied in flat pack form, complete with easy to follow, step by step assembly instructions and hardware. All items are precision engineered with pre-drilled holes for screws, dowels and cam fixings, so that assembly is simple.
  • The decorative panels on doors and solid drawers appear to be different in White & Maple compared to Cherry. Is this right?
    Yes, with the White & Maple finishes, the detail on the decorative panels are shallow grroves framing each door / drawer finished with a metal crescent shaped handle. With the Cherry finish, the detail on the decorative panels is more accentuated creating a more obvious feature and finished with round metal knobs to the doors and metal crescent shaped handles to the drawers.
  • Can you design a layout for me?
    Yes, measure the height, width and depth of the space you plan to use and submit this information via this link and our design team will create a custom layout for you.
  • Can you install Selectives for me?
    Selectives is a DIY range so, we are unable to ffer an installation service. However, Selectives has been skilfully engineered for simple assembly and trouble free DIY installation requiring only basic DIY skills/
  •  What tools do I need to install Selectives?
    All you will need is a pencil, spirit level, tape measure, power drill, Phillips screwdriver and a rubber mallet. A hacksaw and/or a fine wood saw will also be required if you need to trim the width of any closet rods or top shelves.
  • My floor is a bit uneven, can I still use Selectives?
    Yes, each of the freestanding components in the Selectives range has adjustable feet that will cope with slightly uneven floors. The feet will allow adjustments of up to 0.75" / 19mm.
  • What if I have pipes in the way?
    Provided that the obstruction is fairly small a notch can be made in the product to accommodate the pipe or other obstruction. Additional woodworking tools may be required to achieve this i.e. router, jigsaw, chisel etc.
  • The Closet Organsier is too wide for my enclosure. Can it be cut down?
    Overall width may be adjusted by the way you use the closet rods. Three closet rods are supplied with each closet organiser. The lower closet rod, which usefully creates a second level of hanging, may be used on either side, omitted altogether or to create a long hanging space on both sides or all three closet rods may be used on one side for small children's garments. As the closet rods are expandable from 30" / 76cm - 48" / 122cm wide the overall width of the closet organiser will range between 55" / 139cm and 73" / 185cm when using the closet rod(s) to one side only OR between 85" / 216cm and 121" / 307cm when using the closet rods to both sides. Closet rods may be reduced below 30" / 76cm wide by cutting with a hack saw. Please note that the width of the shelves within the closet organiser itself cannot be reduced.
  • How do I create a corner unit?
    When creating a corner unit, the same height as the closet organiser (R4 / S4 / T4), you must order TWO corner organisers (R2 / S2 / T2). These will stack on top of one another and interlock using the dowels supplied, to create full height storage. The corner unit will fit to either a right or left hand corner. The dimensions quoted for this product (R2 / S2 / T2) are 41.5" (105cm) H x 29" (74cm) W x 20" (51cm) D for a right hand corner installation. If installing into a left hand corner, the dimensions for the width and depth will need to be transposed.
  • How does the top shelf fix and can I cut it to size?
    Each top shelf comes complete with a colour co-ordinated fixing kit. The fixing kit comprises of brackets that fix to the back wall and either the closet organiser and a side wall or two closet organisers. The top shelf then sits within the brackets. If you need to adjust the width of the shelf it can be cut to size with a fine wood saw and the cut edge is hidden by the bracket. Please note that for each shelf only one fixing kit is supplied. If you are ordering a shelf to cut down and create two or more shelves, you will need to order additional fixing kits (A40 / A41).
  • Can I add to my Selectives closet after installing it?
    Yes, you can. You can add doors, drawers, baskets, shoe racks, closet rods, even additional closet organisers at any point you like. So, if your needs change, so can your closet! Note that if installing some accessories after initial installation, you may need to remove some adjustable shelves within your closet organiser(s).
  • How is Selectives delivered?
    Selectives is delivered by carrier. For all addresses in the zone 2 delivery area, it is likely that your delivery will arrive on a pallet. When delivered like this, the carrier will drop the pallet as near to your door as possible, you will then need to unload the pallet yourself. We will endeavor to agree a delivery date with you once your order has been received so that you can plan to be at the delivery address. We will also let you know whether or not your delivery will be palletised.
  • Do I have to be home to sign for it?
    Yes, and we recommend that you arrange delivery for a day that you will be home so that you can sign for and check that your order is delivered in good condition. Selectives is a wood product and some packages are quite heavy so, you may need someone to help when handling it.
  • How do I keep my new Selectives closet clean?Selectives is easily cleaned with a duster or soft cloth. If removing marks, use a soft cloth with a household non abrasive spray cleaner. Selectives is a wood product and should therefore not be exposed to excessive moisture.


Click here to download a PDF copy of our FAQ's and Order Form.