About ClosetMaid

Thank you for considering ClosetMaid for your home storage needs.

America's leading brand for home storage solutions has arrived in the UK and Organise My Home are pleased to be the number one retailer! ClosetMaid has been the favourite choice for over forty years in more than forty countrys for millions of satisfied customers and its innovative and modern shelving systems and accessories has kept people coming back for more! Why not take a look at our range, and find something to solve your storage problems, today!

What is ClosetMaid?

ClosetMaid is a well known and established brand in the USA, Australia, Asia and South America. Their main products are steel wire shelving systems that create wardrobe, linen cupboards, pantry's and garage storage systems. As well as innovative and affordable wire shelving solutions, ClosetMaid also produce a whole range of accessories to complement their shelving systems. They have been producing wire shelving in the USA for over forty years, and we are pleased to now be supplying their fantastic systems to consumers in the UK!

What are the shelves made from?

ClosetMaid wire shelves are made from drawn steel with a patented formula white vinyl. The white vinyl gives a clean and simple finish which is easy to wipe down and maintain and helps prevent rust and corrosion. Our fixing components are made slightly differently. Some of the components are made from white moulded plastic, whilst others are made from steel with a white painted finish. As well as our wire shelving systems, we also have a laminate range brand new to the UK. This range offers great storage systems, with very basic packages or optional accessories to help you create your perfect closet.

What can I use ClosetMaid for?

ClosetMaid can be adapted to suit any storage requirement. Whilst we specialise in walk in closets, we have completed projects for anything from a Study - a Garage. Our Regular wire shelving is ideal for closets and airing cupboards but we also have especially designed CloseMesh shelving, with closer spacing between the wires to help prevent small items slipping through the gaps, ideal for Kitchens / Pantrys. As well as our CloseMesh shelving, we also have a heavy duty range of shelving, ideal for upholding the strains of heavy and bulky items, typically found in the garage or work shop. Maximum loads fixing method is such that it allows shelf positions to be adjusted as well as supporting shelving for the full depth of the shelf to prevent sagging. Alongside our wire shelving systems, we also offer a Selectives Laminate range, for those looking for a storage system to suit their needs, with a touch of elegance. Selectives is designed for closet storage, however with its range of excellent accessories, Selectives can be adapted to suit any application.

How to purchase ClosetMaid

ClosetMaid is available in many formats. You can choose from one of our standard layouts. Pick the one that suits your requirements and is nearest to your size. If you enclosure is slightly smaller than the size you have purchased, simply trim off the excess with a hacksaw or boltcutters to give your closet the perfect fit. If none of our standard layouts suit your requirements, you can request a custom design. Our design service doesn't cost a thing. All you need to do is send us your dimensions and we can do the rest. We can even install it for you! If you'd rather have a go at designing your own storage space, simply visit our create your own section and order the individual parts and components. If you need some advice, don't hesitate to contact us. Or why not take a look at our assembly and instruction section where you can find helpful tips to give you an idea before you start.