It's come to our attention that some people are having trouble with the below form. If this is the case, please send details of the space that you would like to use to our design team via email. You can do this by using the email address link below. Simply let us know the size of the space you have, the use of the space (i.e. adult wardrobe/ kids wardrobe/ pantry/ utility etc). and also your contact details. If it's easier you can also attach a rough sketch of your space. 
Please feel free to call us on 01622 870050 with any questions, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused whilst the issue with our form is fixed. 


Request A Custom Design!

Fill out the form below to request a FREE custom design for our ClosetMaid products! If none of our standard layouts suit your needs, or if you have an unusual room size / shape, a custom design could be the best way to make the most of your space!

Use the images below as a guide to which section refers to which wall. The images are birds eye views of a straight forward walk in enclosure & reach in enclosure, however we realise that your room may be a slightly odd shape and some walls do not appear. In these instances, please attach a basic sketch plan of your space, or enter N/A if walls shown in images do not exist.

Please make sure to fill out dimensions of ALL walls in your enclosure, even if you do not wish to use certain walls, so that we have a full picture of the room you are utilising, and have a better idea of what will fit in the room and how it is configured. This will help us plan your space properly, and also ensure no fixings or shelves once installed will be in your way.

Any further details you can provide about absent walls due to odd shaped rooms or sloping ceilings etc. can also be given in the additional information box. Or feel free to send an accompanying email that will include useful information to: rather than using the upload tool which has a maximum of one file per design request.


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To review our Terms & Conditions regarding Custom Designs please click here.