Frequently Asked Questions


Want to learn more about ClosetMaid and our products? Here's a good place to start! Can't find the answer to your specific question? Give us a call on 01622 870050 or email us - 

- General FAQ's
- Product Care
- Replacement Hardware
- Assembly


General FAQ's

What is ClosetMaid? 

ClosetMaid is a well known and established brand in the USA, Australia, Asia and South America. Their main products are steel wire shelving systems that create wardrobe, linen cupboards, pantry's and garage storage systems. As well as innovative and affordable wire shelving solutions, ClosetMaid also produce a whole range of accessories to complement their shelving systems. They have been producing wire shelving in the USA for over forty years, and we are pleased to now be supplying their fantastic systems to consumers in the UK!

I have an area that I would like to turn into a walk in wardrobe/ reach in wardrobe/ linen cupboard/ pantry, can you create a custom design for me using your shelving systems? 

Yes, we can create a custom design just for you based on your exact dimensions. A custom design costs nothing, is obligation free and we can make as many changes as you like until you are 100% satisfied with the outcome. If you click here, you will be taken to the custom design page, where you can fill in your details for custom design options. We will then get back to you with a design within 5 working days. If your room is an odd shape, it may be useful for you to sketch a plan of your space or room, and send it in to us with your name as a reference, using any of the contact methods on our contacts page.

Do your items come with installation/ assembly instructions? 

Yes, most of our products come with installation/ assembly instructions included. If you are having any problems, or your installation/ assembly instructions seem to have gone missing, please give us a call on 01622 870 050 and speak to one of our members of staff who will do their best to solve your technical queries on the line, or send a copy of the instructions out to you. Alternatively visit our installation support page for videos, guides and PDF versions of our instruction sheets.

Do you have everything in stock? 

Most items we have in stock and ready to be shipped. In some cases we may have to wait a few days for stock to be replenished in which case we will call or e-mail you to let you know how long this will take.

How will I know when my items will arrive? 

Our maximum delivery time is ten working days for UK mainland, 14 working days for Ireland and offshore UK. If you have ordered large items such as a wardrobe system, we will use a carrier, who ask that someone be around to sign for the delivery. Therefore we endeavour to e-mail or call you to let you know when it is ready to be sent out, so you can let us know what day will be best for you! If you have ordered small items that can get sent in the post, we will send these out within ten working days from receipt of order.


Product Care

Can I wash Cubeicals/ Decorative storage fabric drawers?

Your fabric drawers can be surfaced cleaned. We recommend using a soft damp cloth with simple water or non-abrasive, non bleaching detergents.

How do I clean my wire shelving or remove sticky labels from hang rods etc?

We recommend using "Sticky Stuff Remover" or White spirit to remove sticky residue or labels on shelving and hardware. To keep your shelving clean, use a soft damp cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners on the shelving or hardware to prevent scratching or compromising the integrity of the vinyl coating.

Are the Selectives, Cubeicals, Stackers or Decorative (laminate items) storage range waterproof?

No, our laminate items are not waterproof. We recommend drying any spills or excess water immediately to prevent damage to the laminated surface. We also do recommend using them in areas prone to damp, such as the garage. 

Is ClosetMaid's wire shelving made from steel or aluminium?

All of ClosetMaid's wire shelving is made from zinc coated steel, which is then coated in vinyl. 

What are ClosetMaid's laminate or wood products made of?

Most of our products are made from a combination of engineered woods - a mixture of high quality, hard and soft wood materials which generally come from the surplus of the original lumber processing. Commonly referred to as MDF (medium density fiberboard) and composite wood, these materials are wood fibers bonded together with a synthetic resin in a process that combines high heat and pressure to make a very stable, environmentally friendly product. The result is dense, strong panels of fiberboard and/or particleboard (composite wood) which are then laminated with durable, attractive finishes. These materials are then further manufactured into furniture components in a precision, state of the art manufacturing facility. Components are inspected and packaged with high quality, European hardware that has been designed to make home assembly quick and easy.

How much weight can ClosetMaid wire shelving hold?

ClosetMaid shelving is made from steel and is therefore, by nature - Strong! Many people are concerned when they hear the phrase "wire shelving", expecting something flexible and not particularly load bearing! However, ClosetMaid know that storage spaces take a lot of strain around the home, and have therefore developed two mounting systems with varying weight load capacities to help you pick the system most suited to your requirements. Below is a table illustrating the weight capacity of our shelving systems set out by the manufacturer. If installed to the manufacturers guidelines, and onto walls which are up to standard building regulations, you can expect the below load capacities: 

Fixing type Solid/ block wall      Stud/ Plasterboard wall
ClosetMaid Wire shelf with
Regular/ Fixed Mount hardware

15kg per linear 30cm

35lb per linear ft

15kg per linear 30cm

35lb per linear ft

ClosetMaid Wire shelf with adjustable
ShelfTrack hardware      

34kg per linear 30cm

75lb per linear ft      

30kg per linear 30cm

67 per linear ft

ClosetMaid Maximum Load with
adjustable hardware                          

45kg per linear 30cm

100lb per linear ft

40kg per linear 30cm

90lb per linear ft


This means that for 1.8m/ 6' shelf, if you use our regular/ Fixed Mount shelving on a solid wall it will hold up to 90kg or 210lbs of weight! That's a lot of stuff!
If you need something even more heavy duty, the same 1.8m/ 6' shelf installed using the adjustable ShelfTrack mounting system on a solid wall will hold 204kg or 450lbs! This makes it ideal for people with plenty to store or people who have a lot of heavy articles such as biking leather/ diving gear, or even just for use in the pantry or garage!


Replacement Hardware

Can I order shelving, parts and hardware individually?

Yes, you can. You can either order via or visit our retail partner where you will find the most comprehensive offering of ClosetMaid shelving and hardware. Create your own design or add to your exisiting ClosetMaid service by purchasing shelving and hardware in the quantities you require.

How do I request broken or missing parts for my ClosetMaid item?

If you have ordered a ClosetMaid item and you were missing some items, or some pieces arrived damaged, then we ask that you contact the retailer you purchased the item from. If you have missing or damaged pieces, ClosetMaid will be able to offer you replacements for these items, via your purchase channel. If you made the purchase directly with us, please call us with your order details: 01622 870050.
If you have changed your mind about a product, or are not satisfied with the item, again we ask that you contact the retailer which you purchased the item from and refer to their terms and conditions.



How long does it take to install ClosetMaid?

Assembly time varies depending on the system being installed and the level of DIY skill. We have a whole range of installation videos, instruction sheets and design guides to help you along the way though! Visit our Install page for more details.

Can I get ClosetMaid professionally installed?

We have teamed up with Hire a Hubby who offer a brilliant handy man service. They have a team covering most of the UK, with some "Hubbys" willing to travel beyond their normal areas. We recommend you get in touch with Hire a Hubby with details of your project so that they can survey and quote for your requirements. They are happy to simply assemble your Cubeicals organiser or install your walk in wardrobe for you! Click here to get in touch and see if your area is covered!

Can I install my ClosetMaid product into metal studs?

We do not recommend installing directly onto metal studs. Most metal studs are thin and will likely strip a screw enabling it to come away from the wall. Instead use a toggle bolt to install directly onto the drywall/ plasterboard.

What tools are required for assembly?

Each product/ system requires slightly different tools for the job. Specific tool requirements will be detailed in your instructions for the product that you order. Commonly used tools for wire shelving installation are a power drill with a 6mm drill bit, tape measure, spirit level, Phillips screw driver, and nylon mallet/ hammer. For most of our laminate ranges a nylon mallet/ hammer and a Phillips screw driver are required.  

Can I cut ClosetMaid shelving?

All of ClosetMaid's wire shelving can be cut down to any length which you require. We recommend using boltcutters but you can also use a hacksaw. We do not recommend that you cut any of the ClosetMaid laminate shelving systems.

Can I use ClosetMaid corner kits with adjustable ShelfTrack mounting?

No, unfortunately there are no brackets to properly support corner kit shelves using the ShelfTrack system. You can butt fit shelves in the corner using ShelfTrack, and if using SuperSlide shelving you can also add a corner hanger bar to continue hanging sections around two or more walls.

My shelving is coming out of the back wall clips, how do I keep it from falling?

Firstly, ensure that all installation instructions were followed correctly as per the guidelines.
If all instructions were followed correctly, we recommend installing concrete/ down clips. If this still does not work, we recommend adding supports to strengthen the shelf. 

Can I install 6"/ 9" deep shelving using ShelfTrack?

Unfortunately not. 12"/ 30.5cm deep shelving is the shallowest shelf which will fix to ShelfTrack.

Can I add wheels to my unit?

We do not recommend adding wheels to a product unless they are available as an option to add.

How far down the wall does a shelf support bracket come?

The bracket will sit approximately 13"/ 33cm from the top of the wall clip to the base of the shelf support bracket.