Cookie Policy

What are cookies?
A cookie is a small file that websites put on your computer hard disk drive / Mobile / Tablet device when you first visit.
Cookies are used to help identify your device whenever you visit.
You can change your browser settings at any time to restrict, delete or block cookies, but note that some cookies are essential for us to provide you with a better experience online.
If you'd like to change your settings, go to the help section of your browser on your PC or other device andyou wil find a guide on how to make the changes.

Why do you use cookies?
We use cookies to help us provide you with a better browsing & shopping experience. For example, some cookies are used on our website to remember what has been placed into your shopping cart while you're still adding items. Some are used to enable the online chat function. We do not sell personal information or share details with anyone or any other business. For more on your privacy, please see our privacy policy.

Third party cookies
We find it useful to our ongoing marketing campaigns to collect statistics about how our website is used and how we can improve it for you.
Some third party cookies enable us to annonymously track where our traffic has come from. This helps us measure how successful our marketing efforts are.
If you have been referred to us by another website, cookies from the third party website will tell us that you came to us through them.
If you 'like' or 'share' any of our content on Facebook / Twitter etc. you might be sent cookies by these websites. We can not control their cookie settings, so you may wish to check their policies too.
Please note that cookies do not contain any personal data and is annonymous. Unless you choose to tell them, third party websites will not know who you are.

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You can continue through our website after making changes to your cookie settings in your browser if you wish, but please note that not all aspects of our site may work properly if you do so.