Hooky mirror

Hooky mirror
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Brand:  Umbra



This hooky mirror makes the perfect addition to your shower.

The hooky mirror uses Power Hook technology. A non- adhesive super strong, cling film pad, which attaches to any glossy surface, including: tile, glass and mirrors. The hooky fixings give a long lasting hold that measurably outperform suction cups.

The Power Hook technology enables you to place this mirror anywhere you have a glossy surface, including in your shower. And don't worry about your new mirror getting steamed up, because this mirror is fog free!

The mirror is made from molded polypropylene and comes in translucent white colour. The mirror also has storage hooks along the front on the mirror, so that you can store your razors until you need them!

Dimensions: 7" (18cm) x 6" (15cm) x 2" (5cm)

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