Need To Bring Order To Your Closet? - Use the 80/20 Rule!

9 July 2016  |  Sally

How many of you have looked in the depths of your wardrobe to find a piece of clothing you've worn once or twice and forgot you even had it? But the one thing you wanted to find was no where to be seen?... Yeah us too!

We're all guilty of too much closet clutter! So what can be done about it? 

Well, the 80/20 rule is a brilliant starting point. On average, you wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time! 
So we have to ask, what is the other 80% of stuff still doing in your closet? The likelihood is you often forget it's there, and you won't wear it again. So we recommend you take the time to purge yourself of your closet clutter. 
If this task is too daunting because you have sentimental pieces, or clothes you want to fit back into soon then why not invest in a good organisation system for your wardrobe to make the 20% of clothes that you do wear, readily accessible!

The ClosetMaid range of Organiser Kits offers solutions for everyone. Pick a kit nearest to your available space and either trim down to suit your needs or buy two or more kits to create your ideal solution.
Keep garments such as dresses or occasion wear to the side of your closet, or even store them in vacuum bags on shelves rather than take up valuable hanging space. 
Keep work and your favourite casual wear front and centre of the wardrobe, within easy reach for every day use!

Take a look at our range of ClosetMaid Organiser Kits here!