What Mrs. Rackley Had...

17 October 2017  |  Sally

For any of you that follow Mrs. Rackley, you'll know that her home is just organisation GOALS!
Her Instagram perfect house is always so neat and tidy, and we were thrilled to be able to help her organise her new garden shed.
To get her look and inspiration for your next storage project read on...


The Brief

Mrs. Rackley had a new Corrugated Metal Shed which she was looking to store outdoor furniture cushions, garden tools, as well as general "stuff" that did not belong in doors of her pretty house!
The shed was 3' (91cm) x 8' (244cm), and she envisaged shelving on each side of the door, with some hooks along the back wall for an organised solution to an otherwise cluttered area.



- The solution had to be durable as it was to be installed in an outdoor shed
- The solution also had to be strong to cope with the weight of general "stuff"
- The solution needed to be flexible in case Mrs. Rackley ever wanted to add to the system or change it around
- The solution needed to install to the metal walls of the shed


The Solution

After discussing Mrs. Rackley's requirements, our design team set to work and created a storage solution using ClosetMaid's adjustable ShelfTrack fixing system.
ShelfTrack is a heavy duty shelving system, able to support up to 30kg per 30cm of linear shelving, when installed to the manufacturers guidelines, so this was ideal for coping with the stresses and strains of general "stuff" that accumulates in a shed.
Our team also included some ClosetMaid Maximum Load heavy duty hooks for garden equipment.  

Traditionally this system should be mounted to plaster/ solid walls, however with a little ingenuity from Mr. Rackley, they were able to install the system using some additional nut and bolt fixings acquired easily from Toolstation! 

The proposed design looked like this: 


The Shopping List

The finished product was just what the Rackleys needed, and worked perfectly for their space.

To shop your very own Rackley inspired shed solution, find a shopping list with links to items on our website below:


Item Number

Item Description

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2 2826 40" (102cm) Hang Track - Can be cut to size
4 2804 48" (122cm) Vertical Wall Standard - Can be cut to size
8 2853 12" (30.5cm) Shelf Support Bracket
32 203 Shelf end caps (to finish factory/ cut ends)
2 2876 ShelfTrack fixing kit 
2 73156 6' (183cm) length of 12" (30.5cm) deep ventilated shelving - Can be cut to size 
1 3537 Maximum Load Household hang up
2 35536 Maximum Load 6.5" (17cm) deep hooks
1 35554 Maximum Load Outdoor Power Equipment hang up

Total Cost 



Photo Credits: @Mrs_rackley.home
Website: http://mrsrackleyhome.com