1103 - 30.5cm / 12" position SBJ Bracket for use with Joiner Plate

1103 - 30.5cm / 12'' position SBJ Bracket for use with Joiner Plate
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Brand:  ClosetMaid - Fixed Mount



1003 - Joiner Plate1003 - Joiner Plate

To be used ONLY if you are joining two pieces of 12" deep shelf together with a 1003 Joiner Plate

  • Supports the join of two lengths of shelf when using a 1003 Joiner Plate
  • You'll need one bracket for every joiner plate you use
  • This bracket looks similar to a 1164 Shelf Support Bracket but has the correct shape to fix to the back of a 1003 Joiner Plate
  • Not for use with ShelfTrack system
  • Supplied with rawl plug and screw
  • Material: Epoxy coated steel

If you are not using a Joiner Plate please order a 1164 Shelf Support Bracket.

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