114 - Deck Wire Caps

114 - Deck Wire Caps
 114 - Deck Wire Caps114 - Deck Wire Caps 
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Brand:  ClosetMaid



For use with all styles of ClosetMaid shelving if cutting the smaller 'Deck Wires' around obstacles such as pipes and cables.
These caps DO NOT fit onto the ends of the shelves!

  • Deck wires are the wires that run from the front lip of the shelf to the back edge of the shelf 
  • They are the thinner wires that are sometimes cut back to allow for shelving to be fixed around pipes or other small obstacles
  • These end caps give you a finished product, by capping off those rough edges, preventing damage to you or whatever you may be storing
  • Note that these Deck Wire Caps DO NOT fit onto the ends of the shelves, only onto the deck wires which run from front to back
  • Please order 203/204 end caps to cover the ends of shelving
  • You will not need to order these caps unless you are cutting shelving out around an obstacle such as pipes and cables
    See image below
  • Please be advised that only small sections of shelf should be cut out. Large sections or multiple small sections will affect the integrity of the shelf and will considerably reduce the load bearing ability. Also note that the 'Deck Wires' will be weaker the further you cut them from the lateral wires.
  • Material: Plastic


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