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Kids Rooms Can Be Clutter Free & Tidy With Organise My Home

Image Bank

The images provided here are Copyright © and the property of our suppliers and/or Organise My Home. They are intended for use by journalists writing articles about Organise My Home or any of our products or for personal use. If you intend to use these images for any other purpose please obtain our consent before proceeding; contact Francesca by email or 'phone  01622 872006.

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New Products

Kids Room Package 1 - HIGH RESOLUTION

Kids Room Package 2 - HIGH RESOLUTION

Kids Room Package 3 - HIGH RESOLUTION

Teens Adjustable Wardrobe Package 2 - HIGH RESOLUTION

Nursery / Childrens adjustable wardrobe system - HIGH RESOLUTION

NEW - Heavy Duty 30.5cm / 12" SuperSlide shelving - LOW RESOLUTION

2 Cube Espresso Organiser - Cubeicals Range - HIGH RESOLUTION

9 Cube Alder Organiser - Cubeicals Range - HIGH RESOLUTION

ClosetMaid Reach-In Closet - Using Shelf & Rod shelving

Shelf & Rod shelving is the original ClosetMaid style of shelving. Steel wire with a white vinyl coating, minimal hardware, sturdy, durable and strong. Ideal for spare bedroom closets or those on a budget. Modern ventilated shelving design keeps garments fresh and requires little maintenance, no finishing and is easy to install. Click below for images.

ClosetMaid Reach in Closet  Using Shelf & Rod Shelving Image 1 - HIGH RESOLUTION


ClosetMaid Reach-In Closet - Using SuperSlide shelving

SuperSlide shelving is the next step for ClosetMaid shelving. Steel wire shelving with a white vinyl coating and white painted steel hang bar attached with uniquely shaped brackets to allow your garments to glide without interruption. Perfect for master closets or those with generous closet space. The modern ventilated shelving design keeps garments fresh and requires little maintenance, no finishing and is easy to install. Click below for images.

Reach-in Closet SuperSlide Image 1 - HIGH RESOLUTION

Reach-in Closet SuperSlide Image 2 - HIGH RESOLUTION

The adjustable ShelfTrack system is an even simpler way to install ClosetMaid shelving. Available for use in closets with ClosetMaid SuperSlide shelving, it allows you to adjust the height and position of your shelving so that you can keep up with growing children or changing demands! Below are some images of the adjustable ShelfTrack system with SuperSlide shelving.

Adjustable ShelfTrack Closet with SuperSlide Image 1 - HIGH RESOLUTION

Adjustable ShelfTrack Closet with SuperSlide Image 2 - HIGH RESOLUTION


ClosetMaid Walk-in Closet - Using SuperSlide shelving

If you're lucky enough to have an entire room dedicated to your clothes, shoes, handbags etc. then take a look at our wire walk-in closet ideas. ClosetMaid's wire shelving is a great option for anyone looking to kit out a walk-in closet so that you can see everything at a glance, without big bulky doors, no frame work and an easy to install system. ClosetMaid's minimalist approach means that the focus is on your clothes. Click below for images.

Walk-in Closet with SuperSlide Image 1 - HIGH RESOLUTION

ClosetMaid Walk-in Closet - Using laminate Selectives Range

If wire shelving is not quite your cup of tea, why not consider ClosetMaid's Selectives Range. A modular laminate closet system that allows you to customise your closet as you desire and gives you a bespoke look with great quality but most importantly without the typical high street price tag!! Click below for images.

Walk-in Closet Selectives Image 1 - HIGH RESOLUTION

Walk-in Closet Selectives Image 2 - HIGH RESOLUTION

ClosetMaid for your Utility room

As well as being the perfect system to organise your closet, ClosetMaid wire shelving is great for your utility area too! Whether you have a whole room or a small cupboard, it's ventilated design means that ClosetMaid wire shelving is the ideal partner. Create a hanging area for drying and garment storage, a shelving area for flat or folded garments and you can even add drawers to organise your cleaning products. See our images below.

Utility Image 1 - HIGH RESOLUTION

Utility Image 2 - HIGH RESOLUTION

Utility Image 3 - HIGH RESOLUTION

ClosetMaid for your Pantry

Why not consider ClosetMaid for your pantry area? ClosetMaid's CloseMesh shelving was designed with small kitchen and grocery items specifically in mind! With a smaller space between the deck wires, it means that items are less likely to slip through whilst still maintaining a healthy air flow keeping items fresh! When teamed up with the adjustable ShelfTrack fixing system it makes the systems very strong, which is vital when storing bulky kitchen goods and appliances. With shelving available in 12" (30.5cm), 16" (40.6cm) & 20" (50.8cm) deep, we have something to suit every space! See image below.

Pantry Image 1 - HIGH RESOLUTION


ClosetMaid for your Garage

In addition to standard white finish shelving ClosetMaid also offer a fantastic Garage range - Maximum Load. Still made from steel but it comes with a grey epoxy paint finish, it's durable, has an adjustable fixing system, a multitude of accessories to complement the range and, as the name suggests, its extra strong! See image below.

Garage Image 1 - HIGH RESOLUTION


ClosetMaid's Cubeicals Range

ClosetMaid's popular Cubeicals Range is the ideal addition to almost any room in the home. Use the laminate organisers on their own to create instant cube storage. Use horizontally or vertically or stack together to create your perfect storage unit. Add fabric drawers to introduce colour or just use the fabric drawers on their own in your closet! Cubeicals is so versatile and as it's available in a whole variety of colours and sizes, we really do have something for everyone! See images below.

Cubeicals lifestyle image 1 - HIGH RESOLUTION

Cubeicals lifestyle image 2 - HIGH RESOLUTION