The Great Outdoors? Tackling Your Garages & Sheds

17 May 2018  |  Amanda Manson

Keeping the spaces that you don’t actually ‘live’ in can be harder than you think!  Garages, sheds or outside storage units are often overlooked when it comes to organising effectively; it’s too easy to throw in the stuff that ‘might be useful someday’ into those black holes!

Believe me, over the course of time your clutter will build up no end and it could end up being a bit of a struggle to reach those things you now need which are blocked by other items!

So - where to start?  Well, once you’ve pulled out and decluttered what you have and are left with the things that you truly do need, you need to work out how to store them.

These spaces tend to be a bit of a moving feast, so I’d suggest the following;

·         Store more frequently used items near to your point of access


    The ClosetMaid Stacker range is ideal for creating shoe space right where you need it. Points of entry are best to avoid trudging muddy shoes through the home, and to make getting ready to leave the house as painless as possible. Take a look at our stacker range by clicking the link below, or click the product image to shop this item!



·         Seasonal items can be rotated to the front/back of the area for ease of access (lawnmower in the summer, patio heater/chimenea in the winter)

·         Use walls where you can to keep your floor space clear; consider using hooks for long-handled items such as rakes and brushes or for appliances such as hedge trimmers, and even for storing bikes using a heavy-duty hook.


The ClosetMaid range of Maximum Load garage hooks provide a selection of storage options for those who want to make the most of their wall space. Each hook comes complete with fixings, and can be used for hanging tools, power equipment, sports equipment and more. Made from strong heavy gauge steel with a durable epoxy finish, our range of garage items is just what you have been missing! To view the Maximum Load & Garage range of accessories click the link below or click the product image to shop this product.


·         Select shelving that’s up to the job – for an outside storage unit especially, consider shelving made from wire or galvanised steel instead of wood or purely plastic to avoid rot, warping and bending.  A pin board is also very effective for attaching hooks.


 Adding shelving is an easy and multipurpose solution for your storage area. The ClosetMaid Maximum Load range is fully adjustable and compatible with the Maximum Load range of garage hooks and accessories too. 
Create your storage with ventilated steel wire shelving, finished with a durable vinyl to prevent rust/ rot in your garage or shed. 
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·         Heavier items should be stored safely on the bottom racks of shelving to avoid top-heavy toppling over and, where possible, it’s best to keep the lowest shelf raised off the floor to avoid potential water damage from extreme rainfall or leaks.

·         Don’t forget your roof! There is often room in the apex of a shed or garage roof where you can make the most of that empty space – think lengths of timber or poles that can slide up at the top, lightweight bagged items (dust sheets & rags) that can hang from a height and even bicycles stowed up in the eaves, particularly useful if you’re a fair-weather cyclist who doesn’t need a bike all year round.


ClosetMaid Garage Ceiling hooks are perfect for creating storage in tight spaces. Lesser used items such as ladders/ steps/ outdoor power equipment/ bikes or barrows can all be stored above head height to keep floor space clear. 
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·         If it makes sense to store items in boxes, go for see-through plastic - preferably with a lid - which will keep things free of dust and damp, plus you’ll be able to see what’s in each one.   Always try to label if you can!

·         Soft furnishings such as garden chair cushions should ideally be stored in a zip-up or vacuum plastic case to avoid moisture damage and out of direct sunlight to avoid fading.


The real key to having a space work for you, as ever, is habit!  Put away what you take out, close packets & lids to avoid spillage and if you should introduce something new into the space, do a spot of re-arranging at the time – don’t leave it for later or you’ll risk not doing it at all!


Thank you to our guest blogger this month: Amanda Manson from Orderly Office & Home (An APDO member).

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