Love Your Laundry Room

23 March 2018  |  Lynda Wylie

An ordered laundry space is a great investment that will save you precious time and frustration. Here are 5 simple steps to help you love your laundry room:

Utility rooms and laundry spaces can easily become cluttered with things you don’t know what to do with. Mystery tools, pet food, batteries, shoe polish and random kitchen implements are just some of the things dumped here and forgotten about. The essential laundry supplies you find yourself hunting for are often hidden behind a pile of odd socks and a mountain of long forgotten ironing.


1.       Divide your utility space into zones giving each area a specific purpose. Group together all the supplies you need to store so you can see what you’ve got. Look at the space you have available and divide the supplies between the cupboards, shelves and drawers. Use one zone for laundry supplies, one for every day tools, one for shoe care, and so on. Use clear storage containers and labels so you can group similar items together and easily find what you’re looking for - and put it away again.

2.       Maximise the space you have. Use hooks on the wall to hang your ironing board, iron and broom. Shelve up high for seasonal equipment such as BBQ utensils and one off cookery supplies. Make the most of height using stackable boxes or drawers. Fix a drying bar to the wall or ceiling

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3.       Use a basket system for handling washing loads. Give each member of your family a washing basket in their bedroom with handles so it can be easily moved around. Consider having a wash day for each family member (kids one day, adults another) or wash different things on different days (bedding one day, towels another). Keep a basket in the laundry area for storing the washing in its different phases and to help prevent piles.

4.       Identify a folding area. Sort the clean clothes into piles for each family member at the same time as you fold them. Put each pile in the right room straight away so the laundry area is kept clear.

5.       Ask for help. Everyone can get involved! Ask the kids to pair socks, show everyone how to use the machine and give rewards for washing that’s put away.


Top Tips

·         Don’t start a new load of washing if the laundry space is already bursting with clothes. Get the current clothes dry, folded and put into the right room first.

·         Wash children’s bedding on one day and adult bedding on another. Doing it all on the same day will be overwhelming.

·         Odd socks can be a challenge! Use a wash bag to keep socks together and help avoid a pile up of odd socks. Alternatively, keep a small box to hand for the odd ones and pair them up when you are sorting dry clothes. After 6 months, let go of any that haven’t found their partner!


Thank you to our guest blogger this month: Lynda Wylie from Tidy Rooms (An APDO member).
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