Airing / Laundry / Utility Room

Are you creating a laundry/ utility room? Perhaps you just need some shelving for an airing cupboard? Organise My Home offers a great selection of ClosetMaid shelving which is ideal for such applications. The steel wire ventilated shelving is perfect for storing and airing your laundry. Vinyl coated steel shelving is clean, strong and durable, whilst the ventilated design allows air to flow keeping your items dry and fresh! Take a look at our blog posts to see our favourite items.

22 January 2019  |  Sally
5 Tips To Care For Your Wardrobe

No matter how often or how long you’ve been doing laundry, there are always things to learn and different methods regarding proper clothing care. Here’s a list of our top five tips to help make your wardrobe last longer:

23 March 2018  |  Lynda Wylie
Love Your Laundry Room

An ordered laundry space is a great investment that will save you precious time and frustration. Here are 5 simple steps to help you love your laundry room:

21 November 2016  |  Sally
Comparing Regular Fix / Fixed Mount Installation & Adjustable/ ShelfTrack installation

The ClosetMaid range is very diverse and we're pleased to offer multiple size/ finish and fixing options to suit your budget and space!
However, with all this choice, it can sometimes be daunting to select the system that will work best for you.
Here we have made a comparison between our Regular Fix & ShelfTrack fixing methods to help you narrow down your choices!

22 August 2016  |  Sally
*Tips From The Pros* - Add A Laundry Hamper!

Adding a laundry hamper to your closet, or your teens wardrobe can be a great way to help combat the clutter in a bedroom!

Simply incorporate a hamper or laundry basket into the design of your wardrobe, to encourage users to throw their dirty laundry in the hamper instead of the floor or end of the bed! It will also help save space in your bedroom by placing the hamper inside your wardrobe/ closet. 


14 August 2016  |  Sally
How To Install A ClosetMaid SuperSlide Corner Hang Bar

This video tutorial provides a quick guide on how to correctly install a SuperSlide corner hanger bar. We hope it helps those that choose to DIY!

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