Top Tips To Your Most Organised Kitchen Ever

8 November 2017  |  Hannah Young

This week marks NOW: National Organising Week (6-12 November). It's an invitation from APDO Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers to the UK public to learn more about, challenge themselves and then reap the benefits of getting more organised. Here, Hannah Young of Revive Your Space, shows us how to tackle your kitchen.


Here are some great tips for a pre-Christmas kitchen detox and organise to help prepare for the festive season ahead.

As ‘The Minimalists’ say:  The easiest way to organize your stuff is to get rid of most of it!

So as you’re whipping your kitchen into shape, cull as you go; you’ll have less stuff to clean, break or tidy and more time for cooking and baking.

Clear your surfaces
Move everything from your worktops and give them a thorough clean – then take a step back and enjoy the result. Before you place items back on your sparkling worktop, think about how often the item is used. Ideally, you will only put back items that are used on a daily basis. Remember that items left out will attract dust and grease quickly in the kitchen and the more you have out, the more you’ll need to keep clean!

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Banish the paper
Do you struggle to find your dining table under piles of letters and homework? Post and paraphernalia often land on the nearest flat surface cluttering up the space and preventing you from using it for its original purpose. 

A good solution is to hang vertical paper racks on a wall, or install a small basket nearby to keep everything contained. Allocate each person in the household a sturdy magazine box file to store their ‘to do’ things such as bills, letters or homework -  keeping the paper safe and out of the way. Remember not to store paperwork near your hob, oven or other electrical appliances as this creates a fire risk.

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Plan a place for everything
The old saying ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’ is true for every room in your home and is especially important for your kitchen to ensure food, breakable items, and sharp implements are all stored appropriately and safely.


Store items next to point of use
There’s a lot to be said for precise planning when thinking about new units. But whether you’re designing a new kitchen or working with your existing layout try to keep things where you use them. Think about all the items you require for a task. If you’re making a cup of tea, for example, how far do you move around your kitchen to gather together a mug, teabag, kettle, milk and teaspoon? 

Try to think of your kitchen layout in terms of ‘stations’ where you complete different tasks, then store the relevant items near each one. You’re more likely to put things away if they’re nearby, and less likely to drop them.


Organise your cupboards
A top organising tip for any space is to keep like with like. In the kitchen this will look like keeping your food cupboards arranged so you have savoury items, such as tins and pasta, in one area, and sweet items, such as baking ingredients and biscuits, in another.

Store bulky, perishable items, such as flour in clear airtight containers to keep them dry and fresh for longer. Adding pretty labels helps you find the right ingredient more quickly and can brighten up the space too.


Kitchen cupboards can be deep and there’s many an odd-shaped corner in cupboards across the country. Drawers and pull-out cupboards are a great way to enable access to the back of deep store spaces, maximising useful storage space. Another great trick is to utilise the back of your door by fitting small shelving racks to the inside of cupboards for items such as spices, and adding hooks or pockets to the back of larger doors for storing cleaning products and implements.

Guest Blog Contribution by: Hannah Young of Revive Your Space