Why Keep a Bedroom Tidy?

4 Comments9 November 2018  |  Sally

Its National Organising Week (NOW), which means Britains experts and professionals are on a mission to get the nation motivated to make the most of your space, time and belongings! We have invited a guest blogger from APDO (Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers) to write for us and share their tips and ideas on how to help get you and your home organised!  

Why keep a bedroom tidy?


As any interior designer or Feng Shui expert will tell you, the energy flow in a house is very important; it creates the atmosphere & positive karma we are all looking for. However, when it comes to our bedrooms, these are often overlooked and energy flows come to a standstill.


Why would you organise your bedroom? We don’t normally entertain in them and you just sleep there. It is easy to just close the door and ignore what’s behind it.


But the bedroom is THE place where you recharge and relax. A well designed and organised bedroom is very important; after a stressful day, you need somewhere you can relax and de-stress and a good night sleep sets you up for the day ahead.


When designing a bedroom, you need to consider the flow of light and air as well as optimising the space you have.


An absolute must is a good bed and if you are stuck for space, consider a divan bed with underneath storage. Use this storage for bedding or clothing rather than stuff you are looking to hide. Storing those things you use, ensures you open the bed regularly, airing underneath.

Under bed storage of “stuff” does not enhance relaxation because subconsciously you know it’s there and it stops the flow of energy. So make sure you remove items you don’t use from under the bed and find a better place for them or let go altogether.

The second most important item is the wardrobe.

Avoid the daily struggle of not knowing what to wear, not be able to find what you are looking for.

Shoes for example: to keep them organised and in good shape you have 2 options. Either keep them in the box you bought them in with the label showing or use in-wardrobe shoe storage. Browse the Bedroom Storage Page for more inspiration.

Organise your wardrobe well. Did you know that the majority of clothing should be folded rather than hung? The correct folding method will optimise your wardrobe space. It might sound mundane but folding properly is so important to keep clothes uncreased and organised and I promise, once you have the right tools & techniques, you won’t look back.


Now you have chosen your bed and wardrobe, have a look at what else you would like in your bedroom. Unless you actually exercise, do not invest in a stationary bike; they will quickly become an ugly, expensive and oversized clothes stand. Instead consider a mirror, chair or nice rug. Some personal touches and you will finish your quest for a beautiful and relaxing room.

Written by; Shula Levy, Professional Organiser of Out of Space – www.outofspace.london

Shula is a member of APDO, the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers. To find guidance and a professional to help sort your home, visit the APDO website and view their list of members: https://www.apdo.co.uk/

Find out more about NOW and how to get involved! National Organising Week - Read More; www.apdo.co.uk/national-organising-week/