Make Space For Crafting

6 November 2017  |  Sue Darby

This week marks NOW: National Organising Week (6-12 November). It's an invitation from APDO Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers to the UK public to learn more about, challenge themselves and then reap the benefits of getting more organised. Here Sue Darby of Dot The I's Organising shows us how to tackle Crafting/ office areas of our homes.

If you love crafting you’re not alone. 

Whether it’s scrapbooking, making cards or jewellery, these hobbies have grown in recent years - but modern living challenges us to squeeze every inch of useful space from our homes.

Few of us are lucky enough to have a dedicated craft room, but that doesn’t mean a gloriously organised space for creativity is out of reach.

To avoid getting lost under piles of beads, bows and card-blanks, you’ll need to think carefully about how you organise your precious supplies.

Here are my Top Tips to get you started:

1.     Is there a closet or corner you could convert into a craft station, using simple and flexible shelving solutions?       

      Even space under the stairs can be transformed from dark and gloomy to bright and roomy, and having cupboard doors will allow you to hide your handiwork away between sessions.

2.     Think carefully about how you will work within the space, the layout and flow must work for you.

      Consider a trolley to store your stuff.  Wheel it out when you want to work and roll it neatly away when you’re finished. 

3.     Have a mini bin to-hand for all your offcuts, sticky backs and thread ends, etc. to help keep your workspace clutter-free.  

4.     Storage and containers should be easily accessible, and don’t forget to label!

      You want to focus on your creativity, not having to get up and down because your glue gun is in another room!

5.     Don’t be tempted to over-organise some of your craft supplies. Too many containers of tiny decorative pieces can take up more space, even when stacked, and opening them all to search for an item can be a hindrance.  Inspiration often strikes while rummaging!


6.     Everything has to earn its keep, when space is in short supply, so only have materials you will use in your craft space. 

      Don’t let it become a dumping ground for items you think might be useful one day!  Limit your maybe someday supplies to one separate box.

7.     Lighting needs to be relaxing and atmospheric but bright enough to see what you are working on too.  Directional lighting can make a big difference, especially for intricate craft work.

There is no right or wrong, your craft space can be whatever you want it to be and whatever it needs to be.  Use your imagination to create a space that conveys your personality and what you love to do.  It should be as individual as you are.  Who knows, your crafting space could be your finest masterpiece yet.

Guest Blog Contribution by: Sue Darby of Dot The i's Organising