5 Tips To Care For Your Wardrobe

22 January 2019  |  Sally

No matter how often or how long you’ve been doing laundry, there are always things to learn and different methods regarding proper clothing care. Here’s a list of our top five tips to help make your wardrobe last longer:

            1. 'Dry Clean Only' clothes

In most cases, with the exceptions of a few fabrics, clothing labeled “dry-clean” can be washed at home on the delicate cycle or by handwashing and laying flat to dry. However, if the garment label says, “dry-clean only,” take it to the pros to prevent damage. This not only saves a few pennies, but also keeps your clothing more available the next time you want to wear it and minimises your trips to the dry cleaners!

           2. Washing Habits

Surprisingly, some clothes don’t need to be washed frequently, especially denim. Technically, according to Refinery 29, you can go months without washing your jeans! Especially the first few times of use. We recommend one to two weeks between washes (depending on the level of use) thereafter. Denim also benefits from handwashing and being hung up to dry in order to maintain their integrity. 
On the flip side, undergarments such as bras should be washed much more frequently. According to designer Christina Remenyi, bras should be washed after two - three wears as heat and natural oils break down the elasticity in garments. This will help your favourite underwear last longer too!

            3. Sweater Care

If you have limited drawer space, hanging up your sweaters instead may seem like the perfect solution. However, this is a definite no-no. Always fold sweaters to help keep their shape and prevent unnecessary stretching.

            4. Replacing Shoes

Depending on the kind of shoe, activity, and how they are worn, you should replace your shoes about every six months. This is especially true for running shoes, even if they still appear in relatively good condition. Experts recommend rotating your favourite shoes with at least two different pairs every other day. This is important for your own foot health and can make your favourite shoes last longer!

            5. Folding Technique

Almost every professional organiser has a folding method to dramatically increase your storage space. But, the most important folding technique you should learn is folding your clothes on a table or similar flat/ hard surface. Although it may seem like an extra step, this approach will keep everything uniform and neat, and prevent unwanted wrinkles. Using the Marie Kondo folding technique will allow you to keep clothing in good condition but also stored in a way that enables you to find your items quickly!