ClosetMaid can help your home take the strain! Weight Capacity of our wire shelving.

25 June 2015  |  Sally

We get asked a lot what the load/ weight capacity of our ClosetMaid shelving is.

Unfortunately, when people hear the phrase "wire shelving" it sometimes conjures up images of shelving made from something akin to chicken wire!
Luckily, those clever folks from ClosetMaid know their stuff when it comes to storage and developed their shelving from steel and created two fixing systems to lend themselves to varying applications around the home. Ensuring that ClosetMaid is the perfect partner to all your storage needs and will cope with whatever you throw at it!

Below is a table illustrating the weight capacity of our shelving systems set out by the manufacturer. If installed to the manufacturers guidelines, and onto walls which are up to standard building regulations, you can expect the below load capacities.

Fixing type Solid/ block wall      Stud/ Plasterboard wall
ClosetMaid Wire shelf with
Regular/ Fixed Mount hardware

15kg per linear 30cm

35lb per linear ft

15kg per linear 30cm

35lb per linear ft

ClosetMaid Wire shelf
with adjustable
ShelfTrack hardware      

34kg per linear 30cm

75lb per linear ft      

22kg per linear 30cm

50lb per linear ft

This means that for 1.8m/ 6' shelf, if you use our regular fix shelving on a solid wall it will hold up to 90kg/ 210lbs of weight! That's a lot of clothes!
But if you need something a bit more heavy duty, the same 1.8m/ 6' shelf installed using the ShelfTrack mounting system on a solid wall will hold 204kg/ 450lbs! This makes it ideal for people with plenty to store, or heavy items such as diving/ biking gear.

We hope this answers your questions and gives you the confidence in the ClosetMaid system before making your purchase.

As always, if you need help planning your storage space, get in touch and request a custom design here!

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