How To Create A Clutter Free Kitchen

10 October 2012  |  Sally



We have been featured in the November issue of Your Home magazine!!

A gorgeous picture of a ClosetMaid pantry system was the star picture in a great article about how to create a clutter free kitchen!

If you have a copy of the magazine, you'll see us on Page 52, but if you haven't yet picked it up, it's out now, so don't miss out!

Your Home were great enough to include us in their feature, as they recognised the benefits of using a ClosetMaid shelving system in the kitchen vs. endless, expensive cupboards!
You can create a pantry / larder storage area almost anywhere in your kitchen, and maximise the space no matter how small. All you need is a clear space of wall, alcove, or if you're lucky enough a dedicated cupboard.

ClosetMaid's wire shelving systems are then ideal for use in the kitchen. The ventilated design means that air can flow, keeping items fresher for longer and dust settlement to a minimum.
The white vinyl coating finish is also easy to wipe clean and very durable!

We have lots of packages to choose from, starting from as little as £139, or you can talk to one of our designers and get a custom design which is ideal for working around obstacles or creating your dream solution.

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