A Step by Step Guide to Creating Your Own ShelfTrack Wardrobe...

5 Comments23 October 2019  |  Melissa

A Step By Step Guide to Creating Your Own ShelfTrack Wardrobe with SuperSlide Shelving & Hang Bars...
Product pages are linked in the text below so that it is easy to find each item.



  1. Choose your preferred shelf style - Original SuperSlide or All Purpose Linen.
    If you have a shallow enclosure you'll benefit from Original SuperSlide as it offers two positions for the hang bar to sit, one at 10" from the back edge of the shelf and the other at 12" from the back edge of the shelf.
    With All Purpose Linen the hang bar will sit 12" from the back edge of the shelf.
    All Purpose Linen offers a stylish NEW 'low profile' front lip.

    Product Codes - 4719 or 5670 and 7315 or 7320
    ** See Notes Below Regarding Shelf Styles & Organiser Kits.

  2. Select your preferred shelf depth - 12” (30.5cm) or 16” (40.6cm).
    Shelving is sold in 4', 6', 8' & 10' lengths. The length of the shelving can be cut down on site to suit the exact size
    required using boltcutters or a hacksaw.
    Don't forget to order End Caps to cover the ends of the shelves!

  3. Decide which length of Hang Track (A) will best suit your configuration - 24”, 40” or 80”.
    Don’t forget to order Fixing Kits to secure the Hang Tracks & Wall Standards to the wall.
    Product Codes - 2824, 2826, 2836 & 2876, 2877

  4. Select the length of Wall Standard (B) that best suits your layout - 12”, 30”, 48”, 60”, 84”.
    Space them no more than 24” apart & no more than 4” from each end of the shelf.
    Product Codes - 2800, 2801, 2804, 2808, 2812

  5. Add Shelf Brackets (C) in your chosen shelf depth - 12” or 16”.
    You will need one Shelf Bracket for every Wall Standard that the shelf passes across.
    Product Codes - 2853 or 2854

  6. Add SuperSlide Hang Bars (D) & Support Brackets (E) where needed.
    SuperSlide Hang Bars allow hangers to slide freely from end to end, even around corners!
    You’ll need a Hang Bar Support at each end of the Hang Bar & spaced no more than 3’ apart along its length.

    Product Codes - 2056, 2057, 2058, 2059, 2012 & 5647, 5649

  7. Create Shoe Shelves by inverting the shelf so that the front ‘lip’ acts as a shoe fence.
    You’ll need a Shoe Shelf Support at each end of the shelf & space no more than 3’ apart along its length.
    Product Codes - 2817 with 4719 shelving

  8. Add the ‘Finishing Touches’ such as Hang Bar Caps (F) & Shelf End Caps (G).
    You’ll need one Hang Bar Cap at each end to stop items slipping off the Hang Bar.
    You’ll need 10 x Shelf Caps per 12” deep shelf & 12 x Shelf Caps per 16” deep shelf.

    Product Codes - 2081 and 203

  9. Add ‘Compatible Accessories’ such as Baskets, Hooks, Wire Drawers & Laundry Hampers.
    Product Codes - 2840, 2842, 2815, 38114


** Please note that if you have previously ordered a ShelfTrack Organiser Kit from Organise My Home, Wayfair, Amazon or ClosetMaid UK you will have 
received 12" deep 'All Purpose' Linen style shelving, NOT SuperSlide style.

If you are looking to add to an existing kit please be sure to order 'All Purpose' Linen style shelving so that it matches what you already have.
Product Code - 7315

The front 'lip' of the shelf is different. With SuperSlide style the front 'lip' is 1.5" deep and with 'All Purpose' Linen the 'lip' is only 1" deep.