What's the difference?

1 Comment21 March 2019  |  Melissa

We often get asked what the difference between our styles of shelving & fixings systems are, so we have created a table which illustrates & details the differences between our shelving types (see below).

We also provide information on suitable applications for each style of shelf, and the size options that are available for each type. 

We hope that this helps, but if you do have any more questions or require more detailed information on any of our products, please feel free to call us on 01622 872006 or email us: sales@organisemyhome.com 


Shelving Styles - SuperSlide, Shelf & Rod, Linen & CloseMesh

4719 - 30.5cm (12") SuperSlide shelving
5670 - 40.6cm (16") SuperSlide shelving

SuperSlide Shelving

Available in 12" & 16" depths

Hang Bars can be placed 10" or 12" from the back wall

Can be used with Fixed Mount & Adjustable ShelfTrack fixings

Ideal for Walk In Wardrobes & Reach In Wardrobes    

With the addition of SuperSlide hang bars you can create a shelving & hanging system which allows hangers to move freely from end to end, even around corners!

12" shelving can also be turned upside down create shoe shelves

7316 - 25.4cm (10") Shelf & Rod shelving
7300 - 30.5cm (12") Shelf & Rod shelving
7304 - 40.6cm (16") Shelf & Rod shelving
7305 - 40.6cm (16") Shelf & Rod shelving

Shelf & Rod Shelving

Available in 10", 12" & 16" depths

With 16" deep shelving you can opt to have the hang rod at 10" or 12" from the back wall

Can only be used with Fixed Mount fixings

Ideal for Reach In Wardrobes, Cloak Cupboards & Utility Rooms

Shelf & Rod shelving is the most economical way to create shelf space and hanging space at once

The hang rod is already a part of the shelf, making there less parts to install

There are small interruptions every 12" along the length of the hang rod

7310 - 22.8cm (9") Linen shelving
7315 - 30.5cm (12") Linen shelving
7320 - 40.6cm (16") Linen shelving
7325 - 50.8cm (20") Linen shelving

Linen Shelving

Available in 9", 12", 16" & 20" depths

9", 12" & 16" deep shelving can be used with Fixed Mount fixings

12", 16" & 20" deep shelving can be used with ShelfTrack fixings

Ideal for Airing/Linen Cupboards & Wardrobes

Linen shelving is perfect for storing folded clothes, towels, linens etc.

With the 12" & 16" deep shelving you can add a SuperSlide hang bar

This style of shelf features ClosetMaid's new 'Low Profile' style front lip

Linen style shelving is supplied with ClosetMaid organiser kits, so if you're looking to add to an existing kit - this is what you need!

7402 - 30.5cm (12") CloseMesh shelving
7318 - 40.6cm (16") CloseMesh shelving
7403 - 50.8cm (20") CloseMesh shelving

CloseMesh Shelving

Available in 12", 16" and 20" depths

12" & 16" deep shelving can be used with Fixed Mount fixings

12", 16" & 20" deep shelving can be used with ShelfTrack fixings

Perfect for Pantries and Larders     

CloseMesh shelving offers wires that are space 5/8" apart, rather than the standard 1" apart

This 'close mesh' wire shelving keeps small items such as cans, bottles etc from tipping.

You cannot add a hang bar to this style of shelf

All ClosetMaid steel ventilated wire shelves are cold drawn - significantly improving the average tensile strength & performance characteristics of the steel.
ClosetMaid shelving is created by welding every wire-to-wire intersection, with each weld protected against corrosion by a vinyl coating that fully encapsulates both the wires & welds - a method superior to standard epoxy coatings because it is more resistant to chipping & discoloration.
Traditional epoxy coatings tend to provide less coverage, sealing only at wire weld joints & exposing the substrate to environmental humidity & promoting rust that compromises material integrity.


Fixing Systems - Fixed Mount Vs. Adjustable ShelfTrack Mount

Fixed Mount

Traditional fixing method

Great for Wardrobes, Linen / Airing / Cloak Cupboards

Works with SuperSlide, Shelf & Rod, Linen & CloseMesh style shelving

We do not recommend using 20" deep shelving with this fixing system

Fixed Mount is the most economical choice for a Fixed installation

Shelving cannot easily be adjusted after installation

ClosetMaid wire shelving with Fixed Mount fixings can hold up to 15kg per linear foot (30cm) of shelf

ShelfTrack Mount     

Adjustable fixing method

Great for Pantries / Larders, Wardrobes, Garages, Offices

Works with SuperSlide, Linen & CloseMesh style shelving

Cannot be used with Shelf & Rod shelving or 9" Linen shelving

Can cope with heavier loads than the Fixed Mount system


ShelfTrack Mount gives a faster, easier installation & allows shelving to be adjusted

The Wall Standard & bracket system allows wire shelves to be adjusted to any height, making storage more versatile in both large and small space

The horizontal Hang Track creates one-step leveling, eliminating the need to level each Wall Standard separately

ClosetMaid wire shelving with ShelfTrack fixings can hold up to 30kg per linear foot (30cm) of shelf