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Looking to create a fabulous pantry / larder? Perhaps you just need a quick and simple solution for a space in your kitchen? Whatever your needs, Organise My Home can help. See related blog posts for interesting reads and product selections.

8 November 2017  |  Hannah Young
Top Tips To Your Most Organised Kitchen Ever

Here are some great tips for a pre-Christmas kitchen detox and organise to help prepare for the festive season ahead.

As ‘The Minimalists’ say: The easiest way to organize your stuff is to get rid of most of it!

So as you’re whipping your kitchen into shape, cull as you go; you’ll have less stuff to clean, break or tidy and more time for cooking and baking.

21 November 2016  |  Sally
Comparing Regular Fix / Fixed Mount Installation & Adjustable/ ShelfTrack installation

The ClosetMaid range is very diverse and we're pleased to offer multiple size/ finish and fixing options to suit your budget and space!
However, with all this choice, it can sometimes be daunting to select the system that will work best for you.
Here we have made a comparison between our Regular Fix & ShelfTrack fixing methods to help you narrow down your choices!

20 July 2016  |  Sally
*Tips From The Pros* - Pantry Shelving

ClosetMaid ventilated wire shelving is the ideal solution for us in pantries and larders.
Team it with the adjustable ShelfTrack mounting system and you have a winning combination!

14 April 2016  |  Sally

*Review* - "Installed in a Utility Room to clear a cluttered worktop of items we need easy access to. Easy to install and does the job perfectly." Thank you to Mr. Cross who left us this review about our Pre Pack Shelf Kit! Have a requirement for some shelving? Take a look here:

1 April 2016  |  Sally
How To Install Regular Fix ClosetMaid Shelving

See how easy it is to install our regular fix shelving, even when there is an obstacle to contend with in this short step by step video!

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